Quaity Assurance


Oakwood Consultants have a commitment to provide quality services and products.

In the area of applied research and management audits, we ensure that the research tools are relevant and responsive to the terms of reference. The tools are carefully designed to capture quantitative and qualitative data and information of the issues under concern. Tools are subjected to pre-testing and refinement thereafter. The process of data collection uses methodological triangulation to infuse both reliability and validity

Research Assistants are trained and oriented in the use of the tools before going to the field.

In depth data analyses is undertaken by experts in a particular field to ensure accuracy, objectivity, coherence and clarity information collected. This information is corroborated to achieve the best results.

The reports are subject to professional external reviewers. The reviewers look at whether the reports are responsive to the terms of reference, clarity, objectivity, technical soundness and use of best practices in collecting quantitative and qualitative data and in recommending practical solutions. A professional external Editor checks the reports in terms of language, grammar and presentation before reports are presented to clients.

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