Knowledge Management

Today knowledge has become the greatest asset of any organisation compared to labour and capital combined. As the key resource, knowledge is redefining our lifestyles, the way we do business, and the way we use our labour and apply capital. It has enabled mankind to achieve the current levels of social, economic, scientific and political progress we experience today. Knowledge is the core of business intelligence. It is the key change agent.
Inspite of this, knowledge management has remained the greatest challenge in modern history.
Oakwood’s challenge is to assist clients acquire strategic knowledge and information in relation to their work and operations, bridge the gap between knowing and doing and help them to convert experiences into knowledge. Oakwood will work with clients to help them appreciate the emerging changes in form and content of knowledge, the meaning of knowledge and its added value to “knowledge driven society and organisations”.  

Oakwood is well positioned to ensure that the best knowledge and information is available, accessible and is being used by clients.

Oakwood publishes Ecoafrica Magazine, as a vehicle for facilitating sharing of knowledge and best practices.

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