Health Care and HIV/AIDS Management


Sustainable human development is premised on a healthy society, an effective and efficient health care service delivery management system. Equally it is imperative to have an in-depth understanding of the magnitude and impacts of health conditions including HIV/AIDS, not only on the people and society, but also on the institutions providing prevention, care and support services.

Oakwood specialise in the development and management of health care, and HIV/AIDS service delivery management systems. We achieve this through needs assessment, situation analysis, strategic planning, policy and human resources analysis and development. We assist in institutional capacity building and strengthening especially in the areas of human resources, the use of best appropriate technology, information and knowledge management. We assist clients to develop achievable strategic plans, efficient and effective monitoring and evaluation systems based on “time tested best practices”. We conduct management skills training in health and social services and on individual performance.


Oakwood has a wealth of knowledge on HIV/AIDS and particularly in care and support, behaviour change communications, life skills training, development of strategic and operational plans, working with people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans, development of workplace programmes and policies, mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS in different sectors using participatory methodologies and in the management of multi-sectoral approaches.

Our work in this area is informed and guided by knowledge and information generated through Oakwood’s applied research initiatives or similar results from other credible sources.


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