Environment Management


Increased environmental concerns are continually changing our perception and definition of development. Communities are increasingly concerned about the quality of their environment, their work places and the health of natural resources (water, land, forests, wildlife, air etc) they depend on. These concerns are determining the nature of development and our lifestyles.

There is increasing demand and pressure on governments and businesses for environment accountability, environmental justice and sustainable utilization of natural resources. At the work place workers are demanding safe work environments and secure jobs that don’t make them vulnerable to environmental hazards. Consumers are demanding for safe products and services, use of appropriate technology, recyclable and or bio degradable materials.

Oakwood will assist individual companies conduct environmental business audits, risk and impact assessment, establish and set environmental standards, management systems, and transform products and services to “green products”. Our marketing strategies are environmentally sound and include eco-labelling.

akwood will work with clients to ensure they are environmentally compliant with existing legal instruments. In addition, Oakwood will assist to initiating strategies to save costs and potential litigation through waste recovery, energy conservation and maintenance of environmental quality.

These concerns, coupled with informed public opinion and advocacy has given rise to green markets, products, legislation and even triggered green political debates. Finance and development institutions that support projects that destroy the environment and natural resources risk legal action and boycott from the general public.

In response to these challenges Oakwood works with companies and organisations to develop strategic and sound environmental management practices at all corporate functions, from planning, financing, production, work place, marketing to the end product. Oakwood’s strategies and management plans help clients to turn environmental threats to business opportunities.


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