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Why subscribe to Ecoafrica magazine

For independent, objective and factual environment reporting

Information is a strategic tool for change. It influences our decisions, opinions and choices that we make in life. Our future is dependent on objective, timely and factual information that we get.

Ecoafrica provides an independent and objective reporting on sustainable development. It helps to articulate environment and development issues from a social, political, economical and ecological point of view. It provides the “alternative view”.

Creating public awareness

Lack of broad public awareness of the benefits of environmental management and its relevance to social, economic and political development prevent policy makers and the general public from seeing the urgent to protect the environment and natural resources. Until people are made aware of why it is necessary they will not do so. Creating environmental awareness is a primary objective of Ecoafrica and an important strategy for strengthening peoples ability to make informed choices and decisions on what kind of development and lifestyles they want.

Influencing environmental policies

Sustainable use of environmental resources (water, forestry, wildlife, mining and land) for economic and social development depend on sound environmental policies and planning. This is guided by the quality of information made available and used. Ecoafrica use strategic information to influence decision making, policies and development plans that affect our daily lives and the quality of the environment and the health of natural resources base. By using objective, timely and factual information Ecoafrica assists individuals, business and industry in making informed investment choices and decision.

Monitoring Environmental performance

It is a human right for everyone to know the health and quality of his physical and natural environment. Ecoafrica helps people to realize this objective by monitoring and reporting on environmental performance of business and industry, the public sector and individual consumers. It also monitors the status and health of environmental resources. Ecoafrica brings you up to date reports on environmental performance from all sectors of society. The information is presented in a manner that is usable for decision making at individual, community or corporate levels. Ecoafrica advocates for more and transparent environmental accountability and responsibility by everyone. It prepares people and institutions to respond to environmental challenges and opportunities ahead of time.

Ecoafrica is more than a magazine

Ecoafrica is a powerful tool for change, redefining development and assisting individual persons revisit their lifestyles. It is an networking tool for researchers helping them to keep abreast with current research work. It is a valuable source of information for tourists and the business community. It carries unique photographs of people, wildlife and places that make it more exciting to read. It is a unique magazine for the coffee table or personal gift to a friend. Ecoafrica is the magazine of the future.



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